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    Why am I Unable to Move to The Next Module in My Course?

    Are you unable to move forward in your course? Stuck on a loading screen? Check out the most common reasons for this delay, how to fix them, and get back to your continuing education!

    Are you using Internet Explorer?

    Internet explorer logo with website address bar that says https://www......Internet Explorer is not supported under our platform; this creates a downgraded experience for users. Additionally, Microsoft ended support for many older versions of Internet Explorer starting in 2016, and they instead suggest moving to their new browser, Microsoft Edge. Other popular browser alternatives include Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari (for Apple products). 

    Is your browser updated?

    Text that says UPDATE with a loading bar underneathOutdated browsers can create a downgraded experience, so we recommend checking your browser for updates to see if that resolves your issue. For more information on how to update your browser, check out this article

    WiFi signal strength:

    Wifi Icon with text that says WiFi StrengthA weak or inconsistent WiFi signal may cause loading and progress issues with your course. We recommend checking your signal strength to determine if this is the cause.

    Still experiencing this issue? Feel free to chat with us or send us an email at

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