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    How to View Individual Students' Progress


    1. On the Instructor Dashboard
    2. click the appropriate course panel.
    3. After the course panel opens, find the student you want to view or grade.
    4. Under the individual student, click the green %  icon.
    5. Under Individual Stats, each completed section will be indicated with a green check mark.
    6. Use the drop-down menu above the course stats to change modules.

    The individual stats page only displays one module, for one student, at a time. Using the drop-down menu, you can change the class, student and module you are looking at.

    Each row on the Individual Stats page represents a Section or a Page within the Module (listed at the top).

    Columns (from left to right):

    • Score: This shows you the score for each section.
    • % (% of total): This shows the percent students scored for each section.
    • Time Spent: This shows the time spent on each section.
    • Finished: This shows the date that the section was completed.
    • View Answers: This takes you to the module answers page
    • Reset Module: This allows you to reset the module for the student to retake.

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