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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you offer free continuing education credits?

    We have a selection of free courses, based upon your organizational affiliation, that you can check out in our shop or free courses page! After completing a course, you will be able to access your certificate of completion, which contains your activity ID for submission to your affiliated organization. For more information on Free Courses, check out these articles.

    How Long Do I Have to Complete a Course?

    You have one year after the purchase date to complete your course.

    For example, if you purchased a course on June 25th, 2020 you would have until June 25th, 2021 to complete the course. 

    Are there Assessments?

    Yes, all of our courses have various assessments, projects, assignments, and exams as a part of testing your understanding of the concepts presented in the course, in addition to the video and reading materials included. You can read more about starting your course here

    What if I Have an Assigned Reading or Exam?

    VTR offers full support to our users, you can always check out more in our Help Center, particularly our "Getting Started" articles. If you aren't seeing what you need, you can get in contact with our Customer Success Team and they will assist you with any questions or issue. Chat with them or email them at

    What Happens If I Fail a Course?

    Your course will reset and you will be allowed to retake the course until you have met the passing requirements as indicated by your organizational affiliation.

    What's the Difference Between Full Courses and Topical Courses?

    The difference between a full course and a topical course is that a topical course is typically derived from a full course and is focused on a singular topic. Topical courses are shorter then full courses as well.

    Here's an example:
    Financial and Managerial Accounting is a full course, where as Financial Accounting: Balance Sheet Analysis is a topical course derived from Financial and Managerial Accounting and its topical focus is Balance Sheet Analysis.

    To read more on this, visit these articles:

    Do I Receive an Activity ID/Certificate of Completion?

    Yes, you will have access to your certificate of completion after completing your course. For information on how to access your Activity ID/Certificate of Completion, see this article

    How Quickly Do I Receive My Credits After Completing a Course?

    Immediately, once you have completed your course, you will have access to your certificate of completion/activity ID to submit to your organization to redeem your credits.

    How did you get my recertification date?

    In 2020, we began tailoring our marketing around recertification dates for a more customized and relevant experience. There are multiple places on our site where we can collect your recertification date. 

    To update your recertification date, you can change it in your Account Settings page.

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