Storytelling: Embedded in everything you see

Posted by Vaughn Pourchot on 2/20/20 9:00 AM

Story-Based Learning

The Exposition
Rising Action
Climax or Turning Point
Falling Action

Referenced above are the standard five key components to a story plot. Pretty simple when you think about it. This is the framework for virtually every movie or book you've seen or read.

One could argue that stories are the greatest gift to mankind.  

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Learning for Its Own Sake (Contemplation Four)

Posted by Braden Norwood on 2/5/19 9:00 AM

Tying It All Up

The previous three blogs in my series of contemplations have, admittedly, seemed somewhat random, and it might appear as if they have little to do with one another. So, I wanted to write one last piece to tie them together and explain how they interrelate. Let's talk about why learning is important.

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