2019's Perfect Office Layout

Posted by Vaughn Pourchot on 4/23/19 9:00 AM

Everyone knows that the way to layout an assembly line in a manufacturing plant will have a direct impact on your bottom line. The key is optimizing the process which can simply translate to reducing the number of steps or movements a worker must make to accomplish their portion of the assembly process. This same philosophy can and should also be implemented on the

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Automation is a Net-Positive

Posted by Vaughn Pourchot on 2/12/19 9:00 AM

We’ve all heard and been warned about the negative effects of job automation. The claim is business automation is having a net negative effect on jobs across the globe - which will eventually lead to the extinction of low-level jobs and significantly high unemployment. Couple that with a generation of baby boomers who aren’t ready to retire and it sounds like a recipe for disaster.

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Winning back productivity from your weekly schedule

Posted by Erica Bass on 1/29/19 9:00 AM


I came in to work and did the same stuff week after week. Sometimes - who am I kidding - a lot of the time, I'd leave work with a longer list of the things I needed to get to than I had when I'd arrived. It made me feel like my productivity was lacking. I was on a five-day loop and never got past the weekly tasks to things that would further the long-term goals my team and I were so excited to reach, and I got tired of it.

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Reasons to Have a Small Team

Posted by Annette Orrick on 12/18/18 9:00 AM

Do small or large teams make for a better organizational structure for your company's overall goals?

You might think at first that larger teams are more productive due to their overall size. On the contrary, teams of smaller sizes have an advantage over larger teams in regards to efficiency, communication, and work environment. 

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