661,026 People Migrated Away from California in 2017

Posted by Vaughn Pourchot on 5/21/19 10:00 AM

We don’t talk about state-to-state migration enough and the catalysts that provoke it. The paradigm states must adhere to is remarkably complex but therein lies the beauty. Every state is its own business when you think about it. Their primary objective is to attract people to move there because the more people you have, the more business development you can expect and thus the more growth your economy can enjoy. The ongoing and never-ending competition between states is fascinating. Just because your state has beautiful mountains or ocean views doesn’t mean people are just going to flock there. Most people would love to live in a beautiful place, but our survival is paramount which means beautiful views doesn’t translate to food on the table. Let’s explore some of the caveats to grooming a successful state-based economy.

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Topics: Business, change, economics

Cultivating Your Garden (Contemplation Two)

Posted by Braden Norwood on 1/15/19 9:00 AM

Changing the World?

You’ve more than likely heard someone say it before: “This will change the world.” Chances are, you’ve said it, or at least thought it, yourself. Perhaps it was about something you’d stumbled upon – another person’s idea or product. Then again, it might have been your own idea, your own product. Maybe you’ve even thought it about yourself.

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Topics: philosophy, contemplation, change