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University: Refund/Retake Policy

Published: Jun 10, 2019 1:33:09 PM

This new refund policy is in effect as of November 1, 2016.

Any student who pays for their courseware to VTR directly has a period of 7 days after the class opens in which they can drop the class and receive a 100% refund; this drop MUST be turned into the school and verified by VTR before any refunds are processed. After 7 days into the class, students dropping will forfeit a $25 administration fee and will receive the remainder as a refund. After 30 days, there will be no refund given for any drops/withdrawals.

Please note: deadlines for refunds are based off the date a class officially opens, NOT the date a student pays for the course. Late adds to a course will be given some leniency, allowing them 7 days after they are enrolled to the class for a full refund.

For those retaking a course, if a student has previously paid full price for a courseware and is retaking the course for whatever reason (failed, late drop, etc.), that student need only pay an administration fee of $25 to reopen the courseware under the new enrollment. If a student retaking the course received a refund of any kind (whether full or partial), the student is required to pay the full price to retake.

Please note: No work from a student’s previous attempt will transfer to a new enrollment under any circumstances, regardless of what percentage of the courseware was completed. Students retaking a course will be required to start from the beginning.