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Customer Appreciation Program Terms and Conditions

Published: Dec 16, 2019 11:13:31 AM

Effective as of 11/22/2019

Virtual Technology Resources, (“VTR”), may at times offer you the opportunity to refer friends/co-workers via a referral program (“Referral Program” or “Customer Appreciation Program”) offered on the web site located at (US).

How to Earn Referral Credits

  • Users can earn referral credits only if, (i) a referral creates an account, and (ii) makes a qualifying purchase and (iii) is determined to be a valid referral (see “Valid Referral”).

How to Earn Gift Certificates

  • Our customers have the additional option of joining our Customer Appreciation Program in which they can earn a $100 Gift Certificate only if, (i) referrer is an existing customer, (ii) a referral creates an account, and (iii) makes a qualifying purchase, and (iv) is determined to be a valid referral. ( see “Valid Referral”)

Valid Referral

  • A referral is considered valid only if, (i) the referral is not already a user with VTR, and (ii) the referral came from referrer link or input referral code, and (iii) the referral purchases a course.
  • A referral is considered not valid if found, (i) the referral is already an active user with VTR, and/or, (ii) the referral is attempting to claim their own code under a false account, and/or, (iii) the referral is receiving compensation for completion of referral process from referrer, and/or, (iv) the referral has not completed purchasing a course.

Redemption of Credits and Gift Certificates

  • Referral Credits: To redeem your referral credits, you will have the option to apply your referral credits toward the purchase a course of your choosing.
  • Gift Certificates: Gift Certificates will be awarded quarterly based on the number of referrals accrued in the previous quarter. Members are limited to $200 valued gift certificates to be redeemed per quarter.

Sharing and Spamming

  • Referral codes/links should only be used for non-commercial and personal use. Referrals codes/links are not allowed to be published or distributed on commercial websites (coupon websites, Reddit, etc) or commercial blogs. Members are prohibited from “spamming” referral links via email, text message, messaging people they do not know or using bots/automated systems to distribute the referral link in any channel. Members are prohibited from using paid advertising to promote or distribute their referral link.

Termination and Changes

  • VTR may suspend or terminate the Program or a user’s ability to participate in it at any time for any reason.

We reserve the right to suspend accounts, not award/ and/or remove referral credits, not award gift certificates if we noticed activity we believe to be abusive, fraudulent, or in violation of our referral programs term and conditions and our terms and conditions

We reserve the right to review and investigate all referral activities and to suspend/ or modify accounts at our sole discretion as deemed fair and appropriate.

The scope, variety, and type of service or product that you may obtain from redeeming referral credits are subject to change at the discretion of VTR.

The type, value, and variety of gift cards/rewards you may obtain from referral efforts are subject to change and termination at the discretion of VTR.

Updates to Terms

  • VTR does reserve the right to update and make changes to these terms at any time without prior notice. In the event of updates or changes to these terms, we will send an updated email to all users, and this will be effective upon delivery.