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How do I view my progress, scores, and answers?

Published: Apr 1, 2020 1:23:35 PM

Finished up a quiz and now you're ready to review to see how you did. Come learn how to view your progress, scores, and answers.

View Progress:

Under My Courses, find appropriate course panel.

  • On the course panel, click Score in the left corner.
  • Under Scoring Details, you'll be looking at your progress by module.
  • Use the drop-down menu on the right to change modules.

View Answers:

  • Under Scoring Details, navigate to the column labeled Viewing Answers.
  • Under Viewing Answer column, Click View Answers.


Scoring Details:

The scoring details page only show one module of the course at a time. You can toggle between course modules using the drop-down menu on the right.


Each row represents a Section or a Page within the Module (listed at the top).



Columns (from left to right):


  • Score: Your score for each section.
  • % (% of total): The percent you scored for each section.
  • Time Spent: The time you spent on each section.
  • Finished: The date that section was completed.
  • View Answers: Takes you to the View Answers page.


Viewing Answers:

Under the view answers page, you'll see the following.


  • The question as it was presented in the assessment including graphics or images.
  • Your answer.
  • Red X: For an Incorrect answer.
  • Green Check: For an Correct answer.


Back to Courses:

To get back to your courses click "back to courses" on the right-hand corner.