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How do I access my Certificate of Completion

Published: Apr 1, 2020 1:24:28 PM

Ready to get your Certificate of Completion? Learn how to access and print your Certificate of Completion.

After completing and passing a course, navigate back using the My Courses button in the top right corner.




Under my courses, the course panels will automatically rearrange themselves to display the last course you were active in first. Under a completed course you should have a drop down that says Certificates.

After clicking the certificate you want to view, it will open in a new tab. If you want to print or save your certificate, right-click on the certificate to view those options.

Disclaimer: Our courses are not a certification of any kind in and of themselves; they serve only as a Continuing Education opportunities, whether that counts toward a re-certification for a designation you've already earned, or if you take our courses "just because"!