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How to Access My Certificate of Completion/Activity ID

Published: Aug 5, 2019 12:24:45 PM

This article focuses on how to access your Certificate of Completion/Activity ID

Accessing My Certificate of Completion/Activity ID:

After completing and passing a course, navigate back using the My Courses button in the top right corner. 

VTR_Account Buttons


Under my courses, the course panels will automatically rearrange themselves to display the last course you were active in first. Under a completed course you should have a drop down that says Certificates.



After clicking the certificate you want to view, it will open in a new tab. Want to print or save your certificate?  Right-click on the certificate to view those options.  

Note: Our courses are not a certification of any kind in and of themselves; they serve only as a Continuing Education opportunities, whether that counts toward a re-certification for a designation you've already earned, or if you take our courses "just because"!