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Conference Cancellations and Reschedules

Undeniably, COVID-19 has had a massive impact on the day-to-day workings of the business world (click here to read about some of the impacts, and how VTR is helping), and amidst all the chaos and confusion, it's easy to lose track of important events and deadlines. Many business professionals rely on conferences and other organizational events to meet their continuing education needs, but because of the virus, a large number of such conferences have been moved to a virtual format, postponed or canceled altogether. In order to help curb a bit of the confusion, we've compiled a list of important events for HR professionals, members of the American Payroll Association, and certified public accountants in order to clarify whether they have been canceled, postponed or are still continuing as planned.

Note: Make sure to check back often, as this list is subject to change whenever more information comes out. You can subscribe below to receive updates on conferences in real-time. 

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Rescheduled or Virtual

Apr 22-24 - AICPA CFO Conference (Online, Postponed until Sept. 16-18)

May 4-6 - AICPA Employee Benefit Plans Conference (Online, Postponed until Nov. 9-11)

June 9-11 - AICPA Edge (Postponed until July 22-24)

July- 14-15 - Accounting & Finance Show NY (Online, Postponed until October 20-21)

July 23-24 - CPE by the Sea (Texas, Virtual)

July 29 - The Conference for YCPAs Webcast (New York, Virtual)

 July 29-30 - Accounting & Finance Show LA (Online, Postponed until October 20-21)

August 3-4 - NTCA 2020 Accounting & Finance Conference (Virtual)

August 6-8 - Summer Vacation Cluster (Virtual)

August 11-14 - CPE Beach Cluster (North Carolina, Virtual)

August 13-14 - 40th Annual Accounting & Auditing Conference (Arkansas, Virtual Only)

August 14 - Governmental Accounting and Auditing Conference (Mississippi, Virtual)

September 16-17 - Fall CPE Conference (Iowa, Virtual)

October 28-30 - CRUSH20 (Rescheduled for May 11-13, 2021)

October 29-30 - 20th Annual Fall CPE Conference (Nebraska, Virtual)

November 10 - Accounting & Auditing Conference (New Jersey, Virtual)

December 2 - Accounting & Auditing Conference (Illinois, Virtual)

Not Cancelled at this time

August 28 - Corporate Finance & Construction Conference

September 17 - CPAs in Business and Industry Conference (Kentucky)

October 29-30 - Accounting and Auditing Conference (Tennessee)

November 5 - Annual Accounting and Auditing Update (Hawaii)

November 9 - Annual Accounting and Auditing Update (New Hampshire)

November 10-11 - 70th Annual Kansas Tax Conference

November 18 - Colorado 2020 Accounting and Auditing Conference

December 2-3 - South Carolina Society of Accountants

December 10 - Accounting & Auditing (Pennsylvania)

December 17-18 - CPE Blowout - Oklahoma City



April 21-23 - OKHR Annual Conference

Rescheduled or Virtual

March 23-25 - SOAR SHRM-Atlanta HR Conference (Virtual, Rescheduled for August 3-4)

April 1 - Arkansas SHRM 2020 HR Conference & Expo (Rescheduled for Oct. 13-15)

April 15-17 - California HR Advocacy & Legislative Conference (Rescheduled for April 14-16, 2021)

April 20-21 - SHRM New Mexico State Conference (Postponed Indefinitely) 

April 23-24 - Louisiana Conference on Human Resources (Rescheduled for April 20-21, 2021)

April 26-28 -  Tri-State SHRM Conference (Rescheduled virtual August 10-11)

May 6-8 - MT State SHRM Conference (Rescheduled for May 5-7, 2021)

May 6-8 - South Dakota SHRM Annual Conference (Rescheduled for Aug. 5-7)

May 11-12 - Annual Alabama SHRM State Conference (Rescheduled for Sept. 21)

July 25 - PASHRM Volunteer Leadership Conference (Virtual, Moved to July 31)

August 26-27 - AZSHRM 2020 Annual State Conference (Moved to virtual)

Not Cancelled at this time

August 24-26  - HR Indiana 2020 



August 12-14 Tennessee Statewide Payroll Conference, "Payroll - A Day at the Beach" 

Rescheduled or Virtual

April 22-24 - Virtual Capital Summit (Available through July 24)

May 20-21 Virtual Congress and Expo (Virtual, Available through September 25)

September 14-16 - Payroll Leaders Conference (postponed until Fall 2021)

Not Cancelled at this time

July 31 - Grand Slam Payroll Day 

August 20 - Charlotte APA All Day Education Seminar 

October 18-21 - Educational Institutions Payroll Conference 


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