Erica Bass

Erica Bass
Erica is the Director of Administration at VTR, and a mom. She delights in challenging the status quo of how organizations run and how work happens, and is on a never-ending journey to make the workplace and culture optimal for human productivity + happiness. She enjoys good coffee, hiking, painting, and is also an enduring fan of The Walking Dead.

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Internal Communication - Backbone of Every Business

Posted by Erica Bass on 2/26/19 9:00 AM

The nervous system is an amazing thing. It’s how we think, how we move, how we plan, how we act. These processes should have many parallels with that of a company's internal communication.

Millions of tiny fibers sending bits of information back and forth, from the center to the ends and back. This allows the entire body to be constantly aware of what is happening internally and externally as well as permits the mind to interpret and react appropriately to all stimuli.

Does your organization run like that?

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Winning back productivity from your weekly schedule

Posted by Erica Bass on 1/29/19 9:00 AM


I came in to work and did the same stuff week after week. Sometimes - who am I kidding - a lot of the time, I'd leave work with a longer list of the things I needed to get to than I had when I'd arrived. It made me feel like my productivity was lacking. I was on a five-day loop and never got past the weekly tasks to things that would further the long-term goals my team and I were so excited to reach, and I got tired of it.

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Business Tools for SMBs

Posted by Erica Bass on 12/11/18 9:00 AM

In an increasingly online marketplace with business automation as the next frontier of every strategy, your company is only as strong as the business tools you are using. A business’s software "stack" decides how agile it can or cannot be, especially in making the most of available manpower. While that is crucial to the success of SMBs, it goes for larger businesses too.

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Working Moms - Where Parenting Avenue Meets Work Street

Posted by Erica Bass on 10/22/18 2:35 PM


When I started writing about working moms, I was trying to write about what makes a mom-friendly workplace. I soon found that I had something more to explain before I could write that blog, which will have to come another day. First, I need to tell you a story.

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Without Good Customer Service, Your Product is Moot

Posted by Erica Bass on 9/10/18 12:15 PM


I’ve worked hard to provide good customer service for a very long time. I started out at VTR (then VLC) as an intern in the support department.

Even waiting tables in high school, my focus was on “supporting” people through their meals, making sure everything was as it should be, and that my tables had all the tools they needed (refills, ranch, napkins, etc.) to best enjoy the food, the restaurant’s actual product.

The longer I work directly with clients (whether they be businesses or individuals), and especially since I have more recently worked to coordinate our other departments, the more I am convinced that service and support is one of the most important things we do. 

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When I stopped memorizing, and started wondering.

Posted by Erica Bass on 7/9/18 8:00 AM

It was 7th grade, I was in the back corner of the Science classroom (as was my usual -- out of sight, out of mind).

I was an artsy, nerdy kid, and I'd always loved science... but Ms. Jones was lecturing on the chapter we'd just read about tectonic plates. As lectures over chapters you already read tend to be, it was dull.

I daydreamed of vibrant layers of lava, yearning for air but destined to cool slowly just beneath the surface while Ms. Jones droned on about the different types of igneous rocks. I pictured molten orange bubbling up from holes in the ocean floor, boiling the water closest for a moment until it cooled into black.

I paused at that thought and nearly involuntarily raised my hand.

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Exciting new updates from VTR (and a gift for you!)

Posted by Erica Bass on 6/6/18 1:51 AM

Thanks to great feedback from our customers and fans, we have been hard at work improving the experience our website and courses provide on every type of device. 

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Autonomy in the Workplace

Posted by Erica Bass on 5/28/18 8:00 AM
Leadership 3.1.1

Some of the most productive, profitable businesses in the world are challenging organizational norms and reaping formidable returns from empowered employees by providing them with autonomy at work. What can we learn from these companies, which include names like Amazon, Google, and Netflix?

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Hands-on Learning... Virtually

Posted by Erica Bass on 5/21/18 8:00 AM

Learn by Doing

Here at VTR, we believe that we give our learners a competitive advantage in today’s workplace because with our courseware, they learn by doing... virtually. Distance learning can be fun too!

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Mental Fatigue in the Workplace

Posted by Erica Bass on 5/14/18 8:00 AM
The Black Hole of Productivity

We all experience mental fatigue in one way or another, whether we realize it or not. Have you ever had a brain lapse and experienced a scenario similar to the one below?

I take a seat back at my desk and glance down at my to-do list; I open my browser back up and navigate to Analytics… oh, wait.

I look down at the to-do list again… expense reports, right! Expense reports… I toggle through the files and open last month’s to use as a template. Ooo,! I haven’t put in our snack order for next month yet, and it’s already… *clicks to open calendar* Oh yes, the 28th… *starts shopping online for office snacks*

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